Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jessica Needs Help

The National Enquirer has a juicy story about Jessica's recent trip to a psychiatrist office. Apparently it seems that Jessica is suffering from some serious mental issues and found it nessesary to seek professional help. Could it be that she is finally wising up and seeing her father for the manipulative, self-centered bastard he truley is? You can read more about this juicy story Here.


prettykitty said...

well, thank goodness she wasn't married to tom cruise, or this pathetic attempt at trying to find some closure for the career suicide that was masterminded by her dad/manager would only make her more crazy in tom's eyes.

ps i know i am weeks off from the tom cruise loser of the week posts, but i just couldn't resist! pix, you'll never run out of losers at this rate.

LA said...

Nah, she's not wising up about her father at all. I mean, they just went on a date together to the MTV awards. I guarantee she's whining over Nick and Adam Levine and Steve-0 (or whichever jackass it was she hooked up with).

joy said...

I read she's suffering from an ulcer.