Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am Back (Sort of)

Hello Everybody!
I took a loooong hiatus to focus on graduating and applying to grad school which I have now done! Pixie is a grad student now studying Cognitive Psychology. Its not exactly the program I wanted but I did manage to recieve a scholarship and leave Texas! I am only New Mexico but thats still far enough. Oh and did I mention I am engaged now? He is also a student studying Engineering Physics I dont know exactly what that is but it sounds boring and scary at the same time. What's everyone else been up to?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Movie Review: The Science of Sleep

Thanks to two weeks of living off of Caffeine, no sleep and pure adrenalin I have managed to pull my BioChem grade up to a B!

On one of the rare breaks that I gave myself I did manage to catch Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep. I thought I would love this movie since I am a big fan of Gael Garcia Bernal and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies. However this movie was so bad I can’t even start to explain where it went wrong. I guess the premise of the entire movie; a highly imaginative young man who has trouble distinguishing his dreams from reality is kind of goofy to begin with. Nevertheless the movie could have been salvaged if there was some sort of drama or excitement. Instead the movie was one rambling mess of inconsistencies; In one part Gael explains to a co-worker that his father was a French magician and in another scene he talks about living in Mexico with his Mexican father. Plus the fact that there was zero chemistry between Gael and Charlotte Gainsburg only made the movie worse. I am curious has anyone else seen this movie and had the same reaction as I did? My reaction ofcourse being WTF!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Am Burned Out


* Your favorite phrase is "I don't give a s@#$."

* When you start showering after class rather than before.

* The test papers are no longer worthy of the fridge door.

* When the campus drunk tells you that you should study more.

* You have spent more time figuring out that you only need a 54% on the final to pass than the time you have actually spent studying.

* When your study schedule is based on the rationale that you "might" actually die before the test!

* Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday.

I can honestly say I have said and done most of these things. I am really starting to hate school! I have not started the advance Science program yet and my grades are already slipping. To make matters worse I have sat in at a couple of the advance science program classes/meetings and all I can say is YIKES! Talk about dedication these kids (I swear there is a guy who is only 16) live, breath and eat Science. I’ve always considered myself a Science nerd but I am really intimidated.

At this rate I doubt I will even be qualified for the program next semester. I need to get at least a B in my BioChem class to qualify for this program but right now my average is somewhere around a C+. I take some comfort knowing that the class is brutal, it started out with about 100 students and now there are only around 30 left! Who cares if I do not know all the intricate details of the electron transport chain or all ten Glycolysis Catabolic Pathways as long as I get the big picture right? I am really close to saying screw it all so I took a break today from all my classes. Hopefully things will get better within the next couple of weeks. How is everyone else doing?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

School Stuff

Hi everyone I am back! Two things are happening simultaneously in my life right now, I am experiencing burnout from my college course load (I am only taking 3 classes) and I have been accepted into an advance Science program which is all very bad timing. The weird thing is I do not remember applying to this program. I got a letter last week from my college congratulating me on my academic success and informing me that I have earned a spot with an advance science program. All I have to do now is increase my college course load even further by taking an additional science class, maintain a 3.5 GPA, and participate in 15-20 hours in on campus research a week. It seems really impossible but the catch is if all goes well with this program I might be eligible for an internship at Harvard!

I told my mom about this program and now she told all my relatives that I have been accepted into Harvard LOL!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Which Famous Homosexual Are You?

Doing it Greek style since 356 BC.
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Yeah, baby. You were the King of Macedonia, and conqueror of much of the world; you're responsible for the spread of Christianity, as well as Hellenistic society and even the Roman Empire. Your power was feared for thousands of miles around.

And how gay were you. When you'd conquered Persia, you fell in love with a male courtier from that court - scandalous in those days, because the Persians were believed to be uncivilised barbarians.You were always really in love with your boyhood friend, Hephaestion, and when he died you were grief-stricken to a legendary degree: convinced that he would live on after death, you passed away soon afterwards.

WTF Happened to Oprah?

Its funny how she made a big fuss about losing weight a year ago and now her weight seems to be creeping back up. Oprah when will you learn it is better to keep your mouth shut about your weight-loss than to be humiliated with pictures like these. You also need to fire your stylist because your hair and make-up are no longer cutting it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007