Thursday, September 14, 2006

Movie Recomendation: The Jacket

I am going through my Adrian Brody phase right now and its influencing my choices in movies. I remember hearing about The Jacket when it first came out a while back but it never really caught my attention. So last night after seeing Adrian Brody on the cover I decided to rent it and I am glad that I did, it lived up to my expectations.

The movie starts off in the early 90’s during the first Gulf War. Jack Starks (Adrian Brody) suffers a severe head wound and is at the brink of death. He is resuscitated and eventually recovers but his mind would never be the same.

Fast-forward a few months later and he is facing trial for a murder he can’t remember committing. He is found guilty by reason of insanity and ordered to be locked up in a mental institution. There a vindictive and evil Dr. Becks takes a special interest in Jack using him as his own personal guinea pig. His forms of therapy are torturous and inhumane. Jack is loading up with psychotropic drugs, stuck in a straight jacket and stuffed in a morgue locker for hours on end.

However this form of therapy has one unique side effect, Jack finds himself transported into the future. There he meets a long lost love who informs Jack that he died in the mental institution ten years earlier. Now Jack finds himself trying to change the past so that he can have a shoot at a descent future.

Sure this movie is incredulous, spooky and a little cliché. However it is very entertaining and Adrian Brody as always gives a stunning performance.


v said...

I saw this in the theater and I agree with you completely, good review. As you mentioned, you have to be willing to give the film a little (maybe a lot at certain times) but it is rather entertaining all in all.

Solid review Pixster!

Ffleur said...

I remember the commercial for this. Very scary!

prunella jones said...

One of my friends thinks Adrian Brody is the hottness. She raved about this movie. Okay between the two of you I guess I should rent it.

PixieGaf said...

Adrian Brody is pure hotness but seriously this movie is great.

prettykitty said...

pix! i just saw this. it was very engrossing and adrien was perfect for this part. i was a little confused by the ending, and obviously we won't spoil it here. but let me tell you something you forgot in your mr. daniel craig. he played mackenzie, the guy in the mental institution!! i bectha didn't know that one!

ps i love love love movies. so i loved reading your review.

PixieGaf said...

Thanks for the infor PK I knew he looked familiar!

joy said...

This is a good one, love him.