Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am taking a small hiatus from my blog to devout more of my spare time studying. I have not been doing so well at school. I recently got a 58 on my physics exam and a 63 on my calculus exam. Although it is only the beginig of the semester I can not afford to fail any of my classes. It was fun while it lasted, I enjoyed reading all of your comments and thank you guys for taking time out from your lives to visit my measly blog.


joy said...

Good luck in your exams. Be a good girl. I will check in everyday anyway.
I hope you start blogging again, when you have time. I love your little personality pop quiz links, they're fun.
miss you&kick ass,

PixieGaf said...

Thanks Joy.

Your blog is one of my favorites.

jane_austen said...

Girl, you know it!....You concentrate on that that is important, and you will totally rock your studies and school.....I too, love to visit your blog and I always enjoy your uniqueness and totally fab entries....I send nothing but positive thoughts your way and I will be checking in too to see how things are going for you....keep us updated once in a while.....Your blogger friend, Jane :)

GetFlix said...

Yeah, school first Pix. These blogs are a time wasters, but fun just the same.

Maybe you could do a monthly posting, or everytime you get a good grade, reward yourself with some nasty celeb gossip.

LA said...

GetFlix has a good idea there, about blogging monthly or so when you get a grade you want to brag about!

Definitely put your education first, it's your real life, and what's important.

I'm pulling for you here in LA!

joy said...

Keep hittin the books ;)

PixieGaf said...

Thanks guys. I studied my ass off for a Calculus Exam on Thursday so if all goes well I'll be posting on a regular basis soon.

joy said...

Awesome Pix,
More quizes!
I know you'll do well, have a great weekend :)