Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's Your Real Birthday Month?

Loves reality
Loves freedom
Low self esteem
Honest and loyal
Abstract thoughts
Daring and stubborn
Changing personality
Showing anger easily
Intelligent and clever
Loves aggressiveness
Quiet, shy and humble
Learns to show emotions
Rebellious when restricted
Determined to reach goals
Superstitious and ludicrous
Dislikes unnecessary things
Realizing dreams and hopes
Too sensitive and easily hurt
Loves entertainment and leisure
Romantic on the inside not outside
Loves making friends but rarely shows it
What's your true birthday month?


joy said...

Loves to joke
Easily jealous
Easily angered
Learns to relax
Loves to dream
Thirsty for praise
Loving and caring
Brave and fearless
Extraordinary spirit
Careful and cautious
Independent thoughts
Angry when provoked
Loves to make friends
Sensitive but not petty
Too generous and egoistic
Takes high pride of oneself
Loves to lead and to be led
Thinks quickly and rationally
Knows how to console others
Poor resistance against illnesses
Firm and has leadership qualities
Talented in the arts, music and self defense

PixieGaf said...

That does seem like you Joy. What month was it?

joy said...

August, it's freaky, because I kept clicking to see if I'd get a differnt month, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

LA said...

I got April but after reading Pixie's, I think February is a closer fit!