Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I am so frustrated! Its registration time again and along with the all the hassle of registering for new classes, I come to find out I am now considered a Senior! If I take 5 classes for the next two semesters I can actually graduate, the only problem is most of the classes I need to take are not compatible with my schedule. I really want to graduate within the next year but I am struggling with the three classes I am currently taking right now and I just know five classes are too much for me to take in one semester.

To make matters worse I am also struggling with one of my online classes. I guess I should clarify this a little bit I am not really struggling I have a B but I want an A. I usually like to reserve my B’s for harder courses like Math or Physics but this online course is brutal. If I have any questions on the material it is so hard to get in contact with the professor and the course is solely based on test grades (plus he takes of points for grammar and spelling). I am really trying my hardest but so far my best seems to be a B. I guess what is really bothering me is that I am now questioning my intelligence, am I really capable and smart enough to go to medical school? I am going through a small crisis right now, any words of encouragment are welcome.


prettykitty said...

what can i say that you don't already know, pix?

i'm amazed at how you do all that you do throughout the day and then manage school on top of that. it's hard enough just trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, but even harder to know what you want to do and stay focused on your goal. of course you're smart enough, that's not even up for debate. and i'm sure you're judging yourself too harshly on that "b".

plus, once you graduate. it's just one more thing you can thumb your nose at your family about. neener neener!

Ryan said...

Pix -

Take it from experience, do not be so harsh on yourself for a B. I learned the hard way. When I was an undergrad I stressed myself out so much that I dropped out for a year. Yeah, a whole friggin year! After many costly therapy sessions, I finally came to realize that I didn't have to get A's in all my classes. Nobody will care what grade you recieved in a particular class aftert you have your degree,
Even if you are going on to grad school, if your grades from the past 4 years are good, I do no think that you have to beat yourself up over 5 classes. Take it in stride and don't stress yourself out!
As my dad says "C's get degrees."

prunella jones said...

Don't sweat the B's. You'll give yourself an ulcer. Based on the way you express yourself I can tell you are one very smart cookie. And besides it's the smart ones who question their own intelligence every now and again. Only idiots and republicans assume they know it all.

PixieGaf said...

PK a degree would really make my critical relatives insecure and jealous. I can't wait!

Ryan thanks for the advice. I guess if C's made a dumb guy president then maybe I do stand a chance.

Pru I always question my intelligence but maybe thats because I am an ultra-smart cookie.

I feel so much better now thanks guys!

Diane said...

I agree with all of the above, and also, don't stress about taking 3 classes instead of 5 - in the big picture, taking one more semester will not even be a blip on the screen

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Pix: I'm very impressed with the fact that you are getting a "B" in an online course. I've taken 2 online courses and the only thing I learned from either was that I do not learn a thing from online instruction. I need a professor sitting infront of me to absorb the information. Don't sweat the B's.

PixieGaf said...

Thanks Diane

Mishy aren't online courses the worst?

v said...

What everyone else said.

Plus I bet you'll kick butt on the MCAT and no one will even care about the online course in which you got a B.

Also, if you have the time after graduation, I'd highly recommend volunteer work in the medical field. Volunteer work is a great way to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

I don't know much about Med School apps so I'd also recommend checking out the AAMC's website and other medical school admission websites and books (there's a good deal of them at any library). And even email the Admissions department of a Medical School you'd like to attend. I did that with a Law School and they gave me great info.

honkeie2 said...

I hope everything has gotten better since u posted this. I am still trying to finish college but between life, family, work and my wife in college too I have put mine on hold. I hate college, there is nothing I like about it. I passed high skool with bearly a 'C' and in college I have nothing but straight 'A's. Go figure.