Thursday, January 25, 2007

9 Facts To Think About

1. According to NASA, 2006 was the hottest the continental United States has seen in the past 112 years.

2. There has been a 100% increase in the intensity and duration of hurricanes and tropical storm since the 1970's, according to a 2005 MIT study.

3. 100 billion dollars is the estimated damage caused by hurricanes hitting the U.S. coast in 2005 alone, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

4. By 2030 Glacier National Park will have no glaciers left, according to the U.S. Geological Survey predictions.

5. 40,000 Square miles of Arctic sea ice that has melted in the last 30 years (roughly the size of Texas), is now threatening polar bear habitats and further accelerating global warming worldwide

6. 15-37% is the number of plant and animal species that global warming could wipe out by 2050.

7. The United States ranks as the number 1 a global warming polluter compared to other large nations.

8. There are six former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency leaders who say the U.S. is not doing enough to fight global warming.

9. So far there has been 0 bills passed by Congress to cut global warming pollution.


LA said...

It's sad but true. People aren't taking it seriously enough. My next car is a hybrid, absolutely.

GetFlix said...

I think it's about to become a big issue soon.

Diane said...

This week, major corporations were urging Bush to set more stringent pollution levels, and he refuses . . . until Cheney oks it, we're all screwed with this administration, but I agree with flix that this is going to keep getting bigger and bigger - thanks for posting about it

PixieGaf said...

God I hate this administration. If climatologists are right in 10 years it will be too late to do anything about global warming.

v said...

NOVA has a great program on global warming called DIMMING THE SUN. Several scientists have discovered that the Earth is warming at a faster rate than we can measure because of the air pollution from airplanes. If anyone is interested just google the NOVA program and check out the website.

Global warming was a huge issue yesterday, thanks to this administration and corporations it may become too late to come up with a major solution. Though hopefully not.

ffleur said...

I used to get really worried and anxious about this kind of news but not so much now. Consider the following facts:

The dinosaurs died out before there was such a concept of global warming. Why? Well, the scientists are still arguing: it could have been a meteor or whatever. But the important thing to consider: the earth is going to do what it wants to do. Our using fossil fuels and hairspray doesn't help but the dinosaurs weren't much into haircare and they died out anyway.

The ice age. The world used to be covered by ice. Why? Who knows, but it probably had something to do with global warning or not-warming whatever you may call it.

The earth has its own agenda and schedule. We are not really having a huge impact on it. We could act much better and respect the earth a whole lot more, but in the larger scheme of things, natural disasters are going to happen regardless.

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