Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Doing Good Deeds Pays

I started school again this week and the classes are real grueling. So today after my last class I was just eager to get home so I could relax. Anyways as I was packing up my stuff getting ready to leave I noticed a young guy who sat a few rows away from me asking the people around him if they would mind sharing their notes with him because he was a little hard of hearing and his notes were not that good. To my surprise everyone he asked said no and I really felt bad for the guy so I walked up to him, introduced myself and explained that I would be willing to share my notes with him.

“That’s great” he said.
“But you’ll need to go to this room and fill out a few forms first.”

I was kind of perplexed and a little annoyed that I would have to go through all that trouble just to share my notes with him but I reluctantly agreed to go. When I got to the room there was a huge line and my mood quickly soured but I waited patiently for like 20 minutes until I got to the front of the line. As I was explaining my situation to the secretary, she casually said,

“Did he tell you that you will be getting paid for this?”
“I am getting paid to share my notes?”
“Yes but we ran out of forms so you are going to have to come back tomorrow.”

So waiting in line was not a total waste of my time but now all I am wondering is why he did not mention anything about getting paid to the other people he was asking?


v said...

Great story Pix! And kudos for being such an outstanding citizen. Though none of us are surprised.

And perhaps he didn't mention getting paid because he wanted to "reward" a true good samaritan like yourself.

Sorry to hear you had to wait in line and then they ran out of the forms, but hopefully it pays decently. Once again, way to go on being such a good person.

PixieGaf said...

LOL thanks V! I am surprised at how many selfish people there are out there.

prunella jones said...

Way to go, Pix! That rocks.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I did this for a friend when we shared classes. I would have given her my notes anyway, but she said if the school pays for it, why not take advantage of it. And it pays well!

I would imagine he didn't mention it to other people because it does show what type of person you are and what your motivations are. It weeds out the flaky people.

GetFlix said...

Well done, Pix.

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Ryan said...

That is a great story Pix! I did this in college, but not through the university. I would charge $10 per week to anybody in my class that needed notes. One quarter I made $500 in one class alone.

LA said...

Bravo, Pixie!

Diane said...

Pixie - nice to see your good nature rewarded!

When I was in high school the weird lady down the street who had 2 weird daughters came to my door and asked me if I would not just take notes for her daughter, but attend her classes for her and take notes - the reason why, you may ask? Was she ill? Out of town? No! She was in the marching band and needed to spend the time practicing, and since she was providing the huge service to the school being in band, I should be willing to sacrifice my time to support her. I didn't do it by the way.

PixieGaf said...

Diane I hate it when people try to take advantage of someone's good nature.

prettykitty said...

wow. i'm glad to hear that being nice pays, and not just monetarily. you're such a good person!!

honkeie2 said...

yeah it sounds like he is doing a study on human behavior. I am sure everyone would have give thier notes if they new there was cash involved. Grass, gas or ass no one rides for free.