Monday, March 06, 2006

Best Of The Oscar Fashions

I love how the color of this dress complements Selma skin tone. It also complements Selma's amazing clevage. She looked gorgeous as usual.

Jada Pinkette-Smith looks amazing in this beautiful dress. I love the cut and I love the color.

I love the color of Kiera Knightly's dress. The cut is very flattering on her but I think it would have looked better without the chunky necklace.

I think Ziyi Zhang looks classy in this dress. It's simple yet sexy and demure. It has a vintage look to it that I absolutely love.

Meryl Streep looks classy in this beautiful dress. I color is a little harsh on her fair skin tone but the cut and fit look amazing on her.


bird said...

Kiera's dress was gorgeous. I adore the color.
and Salma..vavavavooom!
I also thought Uma looked good.

PixieGaf said...

Kiera has great style and a great body. Selma always looks hot. Uma looked okay but that color did nothing for her.

LA said...

I'm with you on that beautiful eggplant color of Kiera's dress! Awesome! Salma Hayek could look good in a potato sack. Jada was best dressed tranny. Ziyi Zhang's dress was totally gorgeous.

jane_austen said...

Wow, great post PixieG! I did not get to see the beautiful Ziyi Zhang when she walked the red carpet, I thinks she is such a graceful beauty, and her dress is stunning!...Meryl look HOT, and it is true what LA said, Salma wouild look good in a potato sack and Jada is a man baby, but her gown was gorgeous! :)