Saturday, April 08, 2006

Food That Disgusts Me

I can't even see a glass of milk without gagging. I think my aversion to milk came out of two tramatic events in my early childhood . In kindergarden milk was often served alongside a snack and if you finished your snack without finishing your milk, God help you! My teacher Mrs. Smith would severly reprimand any student that left a single drop of milk behind, saying "Don't you know that there are starving children in China!"

Well after several instances of throwing my milk in the trash without her noticing, she caught me one day. After a serious yelling she gave me a brand new cartoon of milk and made me stand in front of the class until I finished it. Eager to get this humilation over with I gulped down the entire cartoon of milk in a matter of seconds. However the milk did not go down smoothly. "Don't you feel better now?" Mrs. Smith was saying but before I could answer her, I ended up puking all over her shoes. The look on her face was priceless!

The second event that tramatized me was when I was a little bit older. After a trip to the Dentist and the discovery of three cavities, the Dentist sternly told my mother to make sure I was getting plenty of milk. From then on I got milk for Breakfest, Lunch and Dinner!


jane_austen said...

OMG! PixieG, that story is PRICELESS!

ffleur said...

That is a great story Pix. I remember the little cartons of milk from kindergarten were always warm! Gag.

But I also drank milk, 3x a day, at every meal. But I liked it.

Now, not so much. Think I grew out of it.

joy said...

I love that teacher story.
Do you eat ice cream or cheese?

PixieGaf said...

Joy I'll eat anything but milk and cottage cheese. It reminds me to much of rotten milk.