Monday, April 03, 2006

Movie Recomendation: Amores Perros (Love is a bitch)

A foreign film from Mexico Amores Perros can be a hard film to watch. The gritty drama takes you inside the grusome underworld of Mexico City's Streets. The movie revolves around three sets of charachters whose lives collide after a horrible car crash.

There is Octavio a teenage boy who tries to escape his poverty by entering the gritty world of dog fighting. All the while saving the money he earns to try to woe his brother's battered wife to leave town with him.

Daniel is a professional executive who leaves his wife and two daughters for a glamorous supermodel.

And finally, El Che is an ex-revolutionary-turned-assassin. He roams the harsh Mexican City streets along with his pack of stray dogs. He stalks his victims and his unsuspecting long-lost daughter from afar.

It is a great film that has won numerous awards. If you are not put off by foreign films and violence I highly recommend it.

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GetFlix said...

Damn, love is a bitch. And this one sounds great!!