Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cool Quiz For Everyone

In the fish tank:

Imagine you are in the tank along with the fish. Which fish would you like to be the most? please answer

Here is my analysis:You are strong, brave and decisive. You are good at management and leading. Sometimes your husband/wife and children will find you a bit on the strict side, but you'll take care of your family to the best of your abilities. When there is a problem, you'll face it with no fear. You are a true homely idol.


南加州不下雨 said...

me too

Pope-rah said...

Like Whoa! That analysis was scarily similar to me.

ffleur said...

I picked the little one on the ground having the nap (3) and got totally dissed:

The needs and wants of your family members will lag far behind what your own needs and wants are. You'll be isolated from them, and live in your own little world. You may flippant when it comes to caring for your loved one and you won't listen to any criticism from anyone.


PixieGaf said...

Aww Ffluer they are not meant to be taken seriously.

ffleur said...

I know Pix. Just having a tantrum.