Friday, May 12, 2006

Loser Of The Week: Tom Cruise

It has been close to a year now since Tom Cruise has been letting the world know just how crazy the 'real' Tom is. From his much talked about interview with Matt Lauer, to jumping up and down on Oprah's couch, Tom has let his crazy anticts get the best of him. To say he is a media-whore is putting it lightly, Tom exisits in his own level of reality where denial and blatant acts of attention seeking behavior are vital. Did you all hear he denied Katie's parents visitation rights for the first two weeks of Suri's birth because he would not be there to monitor their behavior! For showing us the real Tom Cruise, lets all welcome this poster boy of Scientology into the Loser Of The Week Club!


ffleur said...

Mointor their behaviour? Good grief, the arrogance of that twat. Somehow, Mr & Mrs Holmes managed to raise Katie and her sibs without his monitoring, how in the world did they do it?

I wonder if his mom has seen the baby yet? Betcha she has, because she's Scieno too.

prettykitty said...

all i can say for tom cruise is....uh oh!

thank goodness for him, he's almost done with his promo tour for MI3. but something tells me he's gonna give you all the ammunition you need when he starts dragging kate and the baby around for photo ops.

pelegrim said...

Someone needs to squirt him in the face again.

dit said...

This guy is gettin so creepy! I miss the days when he would just dance in his man panties to old rock-n-roll.