Monday, May 08, 2006


I have finals all this week so wish me luck. I am really anxious to get this semester over with already but one final is really stressing me out, Calculus. I have a solid C+ in the course but this final can really make or break my grade. I just hate being in the middle and not knowing where you are going to stand. I am studying my ass off but nothing seems to make sense anymore. Even the tutors who were so helpful before seem lost when trying to help me with my problems. This final is really going to suck.


ffleur said...

Maybe a mind trick I used will help you. Your syllabus should say what % of your mark the final will be. Say its, 30% of your total mark. Calculate exactly how much you need to get on the final to pass the course. You may not even need to pass the final, to pass the course.

It always relieved my mind when I knew the whole thing wasn't riding on the final exam. Then your mind will be calm and you can go into the final with some confidence.

ffleur said...

And good luck but you won't need my luck. You are a bright little bunny and can do it on your own. Have faith in yourself.

LA said...

keeping my fingers crossed for ya, Pix!