Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Family Party

My mom tricked me! A few days ago my mother very sweetly, called to inform me about another family party that was going to take place over this weekend. I came up with my usual excuses as to why I could not attend the party and she seemed to accept this.

However, the day of the party comes and my mother gives me another call, “Hi honey I just wanted to know if you want to go shopping with me today.”
“Sure I am always up for shopping.”

So I go shopping with my mom completely forgetting about the party later on that night. However my mom reminds me about the party by saying “I have to buy a gift for your cousin after all it is his birthday today and the poor thing is probably not going to have anyone show up for his party.” I know where this is going and I am prepared for it. “Mom I really can’t go to the party I have a big test I need to study for.” “That’s fine I am probably not going either” She says but yet she still buys a present for my cousin.

After we leave the mall my mom kindly asks me to go with her to drop off my cousins present. It is still early and no one will be there she says trying to convince me to go. So I reluctantly go with her and when we arrive surprise, surprise the party has already started. I give my mom a mean look but she swears that she had no idea the party started so early. “We’ll just drop of the present and leave I promise.” She says and so I am tricked to go to yet another hostile family party.

For the most part most of my family behaved well. Only two of my older girl cousins, who I have never got along with, give me trouble. I think they are just jealous of the fact that I am getting somewhere in life and they are not.

“So you still work at the same place?” cousin Number 1 says.
“Yes. I am still working and going to school.”
“I was thinking about going back to school to join the nursing program but I just got a new job with a big pay raise so I don’t school is a priority at this point.”
I try my best to politely smile but I know she is just itching to get under my skin.

“I just got an internship working with the DEA. So when I graduate from college I’ll have some connections and I’ll be making good money in no time. How long until you graduate?" Cousin Number 2 asks. What she really means is how long until you’ll be making more money than both of us combined.

“Well I have about a year left until I get my Bachelors but the real money won’t come until after I graduate from Medical School.” I regret saying this immediately. I have secretly been making plans to go to Medical School for some time now but I hate sharing this with my extended family. They are not very supportive and if I don’t go threw with my plans I will never live it down.

“I thought you were just going to school for a psychology degree!” Cousin Number 1 says.
“Actually I’ve always planned on becoming a psychiatrist, so I have to go to medical school.”

They both look stunned and mad but they both shut up immediately. I got them off my case temporarily but now I know that by the end of this day my whole family will know about my future plans and when my family becomes intimidated by someone’s success they become hostile and downright nasty towards them. I have a feeling I have only made matters worse for myself.

When I leave the party (an hour after I arrived) I catch a glimpse of cousin number one crying. Cousin number two is trying to consol her but when they look up and see me staring at them they both give me nasty looks. This is only the beginning.

On the way home I casually ask my mom about cousin number 1’s new job only to find out she is still working at the same place. As for cousin number 2’s internship, she just started her first semester at the local community college so I doubt her story about the internship is true. Oh boy I can tell the situation between me and my cousins is going to get ugly real fast.


M-M-M-Mishy said...

Moms are crafty creatures! Your cousins sound like rather petty girls if they are making up lies as big as those ones just to one-up you. I live by the motto that the best revenge is living well and it sounds like you are going to do just that.

Keep us updated on the medical school plans, Pix!

prunella jones said...

Yikes! That story makes me thankful I only see my extended family once or twice a year at weddings and such. And then we're all drunk. Don't let them get to you, Pix.

Ryan said...

Pix- Don't let dumb ass bitches who make up shit get you down. I know they are your cousins, but when they act like that, they are dumb ass bitches in my book. When ever you have your next family get together, invite me cause you know that I will cut anybody who gives you shit!

Which med school do you want to attend?

PixieGaf said...

I like that motto Mishy, I try to live by it as well.

Pru alcohol only makes my family more hostile.

Ryan that is so sweet! My cousins are petty, jealous girls so any small measure of success will totally set them off.
As for my dream medical school, ideally I would choose Harvard as the medical school I most want to attend but realistically speaking I still don't know yet.

GetFlix said...

Pix, it sounds like you handled it well.

v said...

I agree with getflix, I think you handled it decently. And even though it is hard to ignore much of this, especially when your Mom tricks you into a family party you would rather avoid (lol), I still think it's probably best to ignore or say as little as possible and just keep to yourself when it comes to hostile family members. But then again it is family so ignoring them is a tad bit difficult.

But you seem like one tough cookie Pixster, I'm sure you'll get through it.

prettykitty said...

sheesh. what were they serving up at that party? some haterade?

pix, you have so much more going for you than everyone in your family combined and you don't need a degree to prove it. just the fact that you are so close to getting one, is the icing on the cake!

LA said...

OMG, your mother is a MASTER manipulator!

My best advice is to go out of state for medical school. They will NEVER be able to relate to the amount of work and dedication required of your education and future training. Have you taken the MCAT yet, Pix? I think it's awesome you're planning on going to medical school, btw!

PixieGaf said...

I am dreading the Mcat LA! I need at least a month to study for it before I actually feel confident enough to take it.

I do plan on going out of state for Medical school but I have so much work to do before I leave it seems like the day will never come. Hell I still have to be accepted to a Medical school before I can make any plans.

LA said...

It's a long road but one well worth it. One of my oldest and dearest friends is a physician. She went way out of her box and went to Vanderbilt (read: a nice Jewish girl born and raised in Los Angeles moved to the Bible belt in the South for four years for medical school.) It was a fantastic experience for her. You can do it.