Monday, January 02, 2006


I don't know what it is about me but people always trust me with their deepest darkest secrets. It is really unbelievable how random people just come up to me and bear their soles out. At first I kind of liked the idea that I really had a trusting demeanor which made people feel safe. But now it is getting really out of hand. When people find out that I am a psychology student they act as if I am some sort of doctor that can automatically diagnose any ailment. I feel guilty when I know I can't offer a diagnosis but on the other hand I know it is also dangerous for an unaccredited student to even give out a diagnoses soley based on their opinnion. So this makes me wonder if I am already getting fed up with people asking me to diagnose their problems should I look for another line of work?


GetFlix said...

You're paying a college to learn a skill, and I am sure it's frustrating to dispense what amounts to free advice.

It's going to feel a whole lot better when you start to get paid to diagnose!!

LA said...

Pixie - I was a psych major in college, too. I thought I wanted to go all the way, get a Ph.D. and such, but I burned out on the subject. Follow your instincts, and you'll know what to do.