Monday, January 30, 2006


A freak accident required Lindsay Lohan to recieve stitiches on her leg. Reports say that she lost her grip on a teacup and dropped it, a shard of the broken cup somehow jumped up and sliced her shin requiring her to get 10 stitches. I smell a cover up. Does anyone else think this may be as fake as her 'asthma attack'?


LA said...

No way a teacup can cause ten stitches. Yes, there's something very fishy going on in hohanland.

jane_austen said...
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jane_austen said...

No shit LA!
Hohan is just a stupid bitch, and she was probably drunk or high and dropped her Vodka bottle and it shattered before she fell on it!
Cover-up, yes.
Good attention for her career (?), F**k no!

joy said...

talk about teenage drama queen!