Friday, January 20, 2006

Josh & Brody The All American Couple?

I don't know if you guys know about this couple but I find them a bit repulsive. Josh Homme is the lead singer from Queens of the Stoneage and Brody Dalle was the lead singer of the Distillers. They are together now but hey have had a rocky start.
When Brody was young and wanted to get into the music business she did what a lot of young girls do and slept with a musician who she eventually ended up marrying at 18. Tim Armstrong the lead singer from Rancid and Brody stayed married for a good 5 years or that is until she got her own fame and success. When Brody's band the Distillers started gaining popularity she/her band went out on tour with the Queens of the Stonage. There Brody had an affair with Josh, the tabloids took pictures of them kissing and her husband of 5 years found out she was having an affair just like the rest of the world did. Brody and Josh paraded around their love in front of everyone before she was even seperated from Tim. Anyways she moved in with Josh, got pregnant, divorced Tim, broke-up with her band and recently gave birth to a baby girl. I don't want to be Team Tim here but I just don't feel good about this couple bringing a child into the world.,19736,1151086,00.html


kate the great said...

Are you shitting me? This is ridiculous.
At least get your facts straight before you go slagging these two off.
They're in love, which is something that your disgusting waste of a brain would be extremely lucky to experience one day.
Give me a BREAK.

PixieGaf said...

Where in my post did I say they weren't and honey my facts are straight.

Anonymous said...

WOO Der Kate!

Anonymous said...

you are disgusting