Monday, January 09, 2006

Pixi's List of Annoying Celebrities

1. Star Jones-Publicity Whore who thrives on telling everyone how wonderful her life is.
2. Tom Cruise- He lacks a general insight of the 'real world'
3. Jennifer Lopez- Over rated, self-indulging Diva who thinks she is God's gift to all men.
4. Mariyah Carey- Although talanted she is another Diva who has lost touch with reality.

5. Britney Spears- She is like a car crash waiting to happen.
6. Dr. Phil- Oprah worshiping minion.


joy said...

Great list I can't stand any of these fools, especialy Dr. Phil.

jane_austen said...

Great picks, for they are all assholes.
BTW, Britney Spears is a car/train wreck that has already happened! :)

GetFlix said...

That must be one old picture of Mimi!!