Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So yesterday I was having some trouble sleeping and I decided to catch up on some TV. For some odd reason a favorite movie of mine since childhood was playing so I decided to watch it. It was of course a horror movie, The People Under the Stair. After a few minutes of watching it I realized how truly demented I was as a child to ever enjoy such an awful film so I turned off the TV and went to sleep. I had a peaceful sleep nontheless and I awoke a few hours later to my alarm clock going off. I laid there for a few minutes with my eyes closed before deciding it was time to roll over and get up. The only problem was I couldn't move. My eyes were closed shut and my body was paralyzed. I remember telling my self to roll over and get up but the more I tried to move the more it seemed like some sort of pressure was pushing me back down on to my bed. This went on for about 5 minutes before I heard a loud popping sound (sort of like a car backfiring) and my body just bolted straight up, covered in sweat. When I turned to look at my alarm three things struck me as odd, it was one hour before the alarm was set to go off, the alarm was no longer ringing, and after fiddling with the alarm for a few minutes I realized that the alarm was still scheduled to go off at its regular time. Before I jump to any para-normal conclusions I want to think about this logically. Have any of you guys ever experienced anything like this before?


joy said...

First of all, I loved that movie too. Second it's possible you had a bad dream because of the movie, and don't remember. I think maybe you might be feeling very stressed out, though. If you ever wanna talk email me, and I'll give you my cell #. I do think anything is possible though, I very much beleive in the supernatural.

PixieGaf said...

It's wierd because I haven't really been stressed out. I believe in the super-natural but I also like to look at things from a logical perspective. But anyways thanks for your support Joy that is a real sweet offer and I'll keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

sleep paralysis.. many people have had it .. its when your mind wakes up out of R.E.M sleep .. but your body is still asleep unable to move.. most of the time people that have narcolepsy to thing like migrains get them... but when you dont have any of the brain problems that cuase sleep paralsis its called I.S.P